Hear what some clients and friends have to say…

Bernice A.

“Working with Tiana was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. Before working with her, I was under the impression that I had to eat little to get the body I wanted. She taught me that I had to EAT… and eat a LOT. My body changed so much in the 3 months I worked with her. I lost over 10 pounds that to this day have stayed off, and I started hitting PR’s left and right. She taught me that proper nutrition is truly key to getting the body you want, or hitting those PR’s, or just overall being healthy. She taught me that for the amount of exercise I was doing, I was under eating by a wholeeeeee lot which is why I wasn’t seeing much change. I recommend her to everyone who wants to get a grip on their nutrition. Her communication is the best, she’s always a text message away for any questions, and to this day I’m grateful that I got the chance to work with her!!”

Mikey S.

“As a WBFF Male Fitness Model competitor, it is extremely important that even during my off season, I keep my training and nutrition on point.  Tiana has been a huge help in this aspect, always ready and able to help me update to a new meal plan or workout routine based on my current goals.  She is extremely knowledgeable and being a former fitness competitor herself, she understands my needs.  Her professionalism and enthusiasm is unmatched in this industry.”

Ashley D.

“From our first encounter I never just looked at her as a friend but more of a older sister I never had, she always looked out for me and more importantly pushed me mentally and physically to make sure I achieve the goals I set for myself both in and outside the gym. Whenever we work out together she pushes me to my limit and doesn’t let slack even a little, because as soon as she yells “COME ON LITTLE ONE” for some crazy reason it gets me through it! When I had the crazy idea to start kickboxing she was the first person I turned to because I knew she would say yes and be my motivation to go each week. Tiana’s talent, drive, passion and overall amazing personally is why I think she is an amazing trainer that anyone should be lucky enough to work with!”

Gwen D.

“I’ve always known her to always be a fitness idol!! I am not fond of working out by any means. I’ve always had a hard time to stick with going to the gym and keep fit. One night I made a commitment to myself that the only way to get on track with the gym was to get a trainer and Tiana was the one I knew would do this for me!!! It’s been over a month now and Tiana has been awesome!!!! She has pushed me and has confidence in me! She encourages me and complements me on how good I’ve been keeping up with her training. She’s keeping me motivated to continue each time I’m with her! Her love and passion for fitness is energetic. My goal is to like the way my body looks when looking into a mirror and to feel energetic! I would recommend Tiana to anyone I know!! She’s beautiful, funny and she wants to help others achieve their goals. Thank Tiana for your dedication xoxo”

Dayanara T.

“Tiana is truly an angel in disguise in today’s world of body image pressure, fad diets and unrealistic expectations. Beginning to work with her has not only changed my perspective on food, but on my own body and potential as well. Before working with Tiana I was constantly looking for guidance from social media and constantly changing my plans unable to stick to something out of impatience or just lack of knowledge. 

      I started with a goal of wanting to put on some muscle and Tiana helped me gain 17lbs!!! Throughout my journey I had some doubts and was nervous but Tiana made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and made sure I understood why changes needed to be made and what benefits I would get from them. I am now cutting down again and she is making sure I am comfortable with the plan every step of the way. 

By investing in Tiana you aren’t only investing in your body but in a new mindset for the rest of your life. Her motivation and determination is infectious and sometimes we all need that outside perspective.”

Ecaterina C.

“I met Tiana backstage at 2009 Atlantic States in NY during an NPC Figure Competition. Despite us competing against each other she approached me with a smile and sincere complement. Her spirit, determination and passion for life/fitness is truly uplifting. She is driven by those who doubt her ability to reach a goal. She touches everyone she meets, and gives 100% of herself to you. Thank you Tiana for always believing in me, you are a special person I will always hold deep in my heart.. Xoxo”

Michelle D.

“I began my fitness journey never expecting the outcomes Tiana Gonzalez helped me achieve. Tiana is passionate and extremely knowledgeable. She cares about her clients and is very attentive to individual needs. She thoughtfully planned my meals and training, keeping in mind specific nutritional needs and health concerns. Tiana is extremely encouraging and motivating. I plan to be a long- term client and continue my health and fitness journey with her. I truly appreciate all that Tiana has done and am thankful for the time and effort she has put into helping me achieve my goals.”