Top 3 Client Struggles

I want to share the 3 most common things I’m hearing from my clients during this unusual time in history. Here we go:

Number 3: I’m eating everything in the house.

I understand being stuck in the house every day, all day has it’s downsides… one of them being you can have your hand in the honey wheat braided pretzel jar in less than 4 seconds from any corner of the place. Yes, you know the one… on top of your refrigerator.

I give you exhibit A… from the top of my refrigerator!

So what do you do? Eat at least 3 meals a day. Plan them out so you are not grazing while trying to decide what to eat. If you have gotten that far into your hunger, you are doing damage! Also, drink more water. After you have a tall glass of water, ask yourself, “do I want that snack? yes or no?” and if yes, have at it, leave the kitchen and don’t beat yourself up for it.

Number 2: I don’t have time to exercise.

We are all juggling many things, simultaneously, with moving targets. I get that it’s challenging, but you CAN move your body a few times a day. Get your kids involved. Play a game. Throw on music and have a dance party while cooking dinner. Just move!

Number 1: I need motivation.

Motivation is garbage. What you “need” is discipline. Once you see results, which are an after effect of the discipline you instilled, then you will be motivated to continue. Make sense? So do whatever you need to do, use whatever you have at your disposal, even if it’s your two feet, a pair of sneakers and the road outside your home, and get moving!

I believe in you!

Let’s make the best of this!

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Control The Controllable

In New York State, we have been “sheltered-in” for over a month. Today is day 34 to be exact. Some of us have been staying home longer than that. In a town less than a 10 minute drive from where I live, there is an area labelled as a HOT ZONE, and those folks have been in lock-down for 2 weeks longer than the rest of us. Who would have ever imagined this state of affairs? Not me! Well, we are in it. Like it or not. It is temporary, but it is unsettling and has thrown us off.

I’m certainly no expert on politics, infectious diseases, or homeschooling… all things that seem to be regular topics of discussion among your social network “experts”… (I bet you don’t have to scroll down far to see this in your news feed). But, I do know a thing or two about overcoming adversity. It’s 3 simple words:

Control the controllable

What does this mean? First, I will say there is a blurred line between logic and emotion. This line is not in the same place for any two people. Nor is it always in the same place for the same person. There are several variables that come into play. What appears to be a black or white question for me, may require quite a bit of soul searching for another… so remove judgement, particularly harsh self-judgement you may have placed on yourself.

Maybe today you need to cry in the shower while your kid is banging on the locked bathroom door. Maybe you didn’t get outside for some fresh air last night, something you declared you were going to do every day until this shelter-in is over. Let it go.

Think about the things in your life that are important. One thing I know every human has to think about is food. So let’s start with that and break it down. Controlling the controllable requires you to ask yourself a series of questions to come to a conclusion. Once you reach this conclusion, you can create an action plan and then execute.

Do you need to eat every single day? Yes. Do you have food at home? If yes, do you have an idea of what you are going to eat today or are you going to wing it? Is your food already prepared or do you need to freshly prepare each meal? If the answer is “No, I do not have food at home”… are you going to the store today? Have you allocated time to do grocery shopping? Do you have face protection to wear inside the store? Do you have a list so that you stay on budget? And how about your reusable bags, do you have them? If you’re planning on ordering food, do you know where you want to order from? Do you know if the establishment is open for business? Do you know if they deliver or if you have to step out to pick up your order? You get the drift.

Am I oversimplifying this process? Sure! But I feel it’s incredibly important to simplify things. We have so many complex situations in our lives. What is within your control and what is important to you?

I’m happy to continue this conversation with you if you need help. You can email me:

Thanks for your time!


My Life

If you looked in my life
And see what I’ve seen…

This song is on the 2nd album Mary J. Blige released in November 1994… I was a Junior in High School and I purchased the cassette tape… and of course put miles of use on my stereo tape player listening to it repeatedly.  This song is particularly special to me.  The lyrics hit me hard at a time in my life when I was dealing with a lot of internal strife, pain, and no outlet.  My family had been ripped apart, flipped on its head, and my heart ached nonstop. I found comfort in blasting music and dancing in my room… Sometimes, I would put on my walkman and just walk up and down the neighborhood streets, praying to God for peace, for a resolution, and for comfort… It wouldn’t come for many years… and I do recall sharply telling people “if you say to me one more time that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, I will kick you”… Yea, I had some anger issues.  Now, I listen to this song and feel peace… and gratitude that I had something and somewhere to turn.

It is easy to pass judgment on people, without really knowing what private struggles each is dealing with.  Perhaps being kind, patient and a bit more understanding could go a long way with someone… You just never know.  Hope you enjoy the track.