3 months

My transition into CrossFit has been interesting and exciting.  The perfectionist in me has such high expectations, high standards, and a relentless drive to not only succeed but excel.  The 20 years of bodybuilding I once loved and adored have made this transition very challenging… I have a lot of stiff muscles and joints with a limited range of motion.  So I suppose some of you are wondering where did things change.  When did I walk away from my romance with bodybuilding? And what is it about the controversial sport of CrossFit that I like so much?

Well, it all started with a promise I made to a friend over 3 years ago.  She was a former cardio queen who, in her quest to find a new challenge, found CrossFit and got hooked!  Ironically, I know the owner of the affiliate location.  So, I joined her a handful of times, but it just didn’t grab me.  I was still hung up on my weight and what I looked like. A lot of the movements were challenging for me and my health was not 100% after competing so many times.  I also was not sure how to incorporate that style of training into my bodybuilding training split.

Fast forward to July 2015… Things started to fall into place for me with my health and I gave CrossFit another chance.  The first workout was FILTHY FIFTY which is one of the brand’s well-known workouts.  Although it was brutal, I had a lot of fun.  When I was able to join my friend, we would have a blast.  In fact, I liked it so much, by the time March 2016 rolled around, I rearranged my schedule so that I could attend WODs (Workout of the Day) regularly.

After today’s WOD, I was sitting with my friend talking about where I struggled during our workout and what I need to improve.  The owner asked what we were chatting about and I clued him in as to how my cleans suck and the main issue is upper body tightness  (which we all know I’m working on daily).

He said, “Well, you’ve only been coming here on a consistent basis for about 3 months… You gotta be patient.”

He’s right!

It’s the same thing I tell my clients… The body will only do but so much and sometimes you just have to give it time to adjust, to change.

Everyday there is a new challenge for me to tackle.  My weaknesses are exposed and nag me, but my strengths are equally present and give me a fantastic sense of accomplishment when I conquer!  I love turning a weakness into a strength, so facing these challenges during workouts does not discourage me.  Some things are improving faster than others… I just have to keep working hard and get better. NEVER GIVE UP!


Be A Leader

Instead of playing “Follow The Leader” what many people play is “Follow The Follower”… Unknowingly.  Don’t be afraid to be different, be bold, be unique, and think for yourself…. Please watch this video just over 1 minute long, from Earl Nightingale, which summarizes exactly what I am talking about:


why do you do what you do?

Ask yourself this question…. “Why am I doing this?”  It can be during your workout, during your commute to work, or even in the am when you are preparing for your day.  Be honest with yourself and get to the bottom of things.

Always ask “WHY”

FitbyTiana life


Play the video below… and when you do, turn it up loud and close your eyes… Something about the sounds of the waves crashing on the shores, kids playing in the distance, and the melody slowly creeping in, just puts a huge smile on my face.

I feel at peace.  I feel centered.  I feel whole.  It’s been a long time coming and I am rejoicing in my current surroundings.  Took a lot of work to get here.

I have lived a life of fear and anger, very resentful about the cards I was dealt and the abuse I endured growing up.  I have come to terms with many things, and while I don’t want to point fingers at people, I will say there came a point when I had to accept the key players in my life for who they really are, and not the idealistic hopes I so fiercely held on to.  I am extremely proud of the woman I have become, with very little help… but I hit a wall and knew it was time to make a real change in my thinking, in my psyche, in my heart.  My childhood was non-existent and I hated every minute of living under someone else’s roof.  I remember watching the movie “Grease” and being so envious of the kids in the movie.  They were about to graduate from high school and go out into the real world.  I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to be 18.  I can’t wait to get out of this place and be my own boss.”  Yes, I said these things to myself at the tender age of 7.  Sad but true.

I always wished things were different and allowed that wish to keep me down, but embarking on the path of forgiveness has allowed me to drop the weight I carried on my shoulders.  It is a process, but one I am gladly working on.

No one can change things for you.  If you want to make a change in your life, it is 100% up to you.  Yes, you can find help… and if you are lucky, you can connect with someone who has been in your shoes and can relate… perhaps showing you the light and make the journey easier.  I am comforted in knowing that my evolution is gaining momentum and I am fiercely and bravely embracing the gentle female I was never allowed to be growing up.  It feels amazing to be myself and be true to who I am.  My hope is that you will find your path and never waiver from your own goals and dreams.


I Will…

Below are 6 affirmations I read aloud to myself each morning, with my right hand on my heart.  These were written by Lee Harris, someone I look to for guidance and words of wisdom on a regular basis.  I have found these affirmations to be very helpful in clearing my mind and starting the day in an optimistic and hopeful manner.  Perhaps they will be of good use to you sometime.

I will be clear in my actions & do as I feel to do. 

I will be kind to myself when I stumble or am tired.

I will be compassionate toward the pain of others. 

I will not ingest the judgement of others. 

I will be free of expectations & live more in the now. 

I am open to love & support for myself & our world, for it is out there, always. 

~ Lee Harris


Smell the Roses

We live in an age of instant gratification.  Phone calls are now text messages, which frustrates me beyond belief, and the entire concept of having open communication is rare.  I am guilty of having my phone in my hand and being hypnotized by the screen, but there are times when I barely glance at it.  Yes, I do run an online business which is around the clock and demands a lot of my time, but there is a time and place for everything and I think it’s important for people to establish “No Phone” time blocks… Do you want to know why?….

So you can actually connect with the people or person in the same room as you…. yea, that’s wonderful you just shared a cute, funny, sexy or romantic idea, picture, or video with 3000 of your closest friends on social media… but what about the person sitting across from you at the table?  Or your kids trying to tell you about something that happened at school?

Take a break once in a while and stop and smell the roses…. Some things are better left private, intimate, and between you and your partner… <3

FitbyTiana life

Stop Waiting

When opportunity knocks, do you sit back and wait… make sure it’s the right fit or the right time? Really?  How sad for you if you do that.  You’re missing out!  When something amazing crosses your path, don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you… go for it.

If you fail, at least you tried… if you don’t even try, you’ll always be left wondering.  You’re not getting younger and playing it safe can lead to a life of boredom and complacency.

RISK IT! GO FOR IT!  Be vibrant… and LIVE!

FitbyTiana life

You’re Worth It

Know your worth… Always, at all times, know your worth.  Don’t let anyone, not your mother, not your father, or your teacher, boss, or anyone else make you feel inferior or worthless.  No matter what words may pass in dialogue, do not allow them to enter your ears or seep into your brain… block them out.  Stand strong and firm in the midst of someone else’s words.  You Are Worth It.  Do what you need to do to accomplish your goals, wake up earlier than normal to get to the gym, or stay late at the office if you have to in order to put in for that promotion, take a day off from work (responsibly) to attend your kid’s school event… it is up to you to make your life what you want it to be… and it starts with acknowledging your self worth… and loving yourself.

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Happy Heart

Complete this sentence…

“I am happiest when I am….”

Ok, you think this is silly? Well, it’s not.  This is a moment for you to be REAL with yourself.  What makes you happiest?  I’ll start…

I AM HAPPIEST WHEN I AM DANCING.  With no hesitation, I can complete this statement with confidence.  Dancing is my all time favorite thing to do.  I simply cannot sit still if I hear a good beat or a song that I love is blasting out of the speakers of a car that drives by.  Music provides me with life.  My parents tell me I was dancing in the womb and most certainly dancing before I could walk.  In the highchair, I used to sing along and bop my head to songs…

FitbyTiana life


It is so refreshing to speak with someone that listens… someone whose eyes are focused intently on yours when you speak and he or she is listening.  You know this person is giving you undivided attention… and of course, you do the same in return.

When you allow a person to finish his or her statement, before you start speaking, even if you disagree 100%, you are showing that person respect and allowing him or her the courtesy of finishing the statement.

Such a basic concept.  So simple.  Something we all learn at an early age… and yet so many people speak over others, call a person and are multi-tasking or you’re having a conversation in person and he or she keeps looking at the cell phone…. how rude!

If we all took the time to LISTEN MORE, we would be much happier… our lives would be richer… and maybe we would actually learn something new!

Teach yourself how to be a better listener… like your life depends on it, because one day, it might.