We don’t have bad days

We smile and are courteous to our clients even on the worst of the worst possible days.

We stand on our feet all day long.

We shovel food in our mouths like animals, most of the time cold, out of a tupperware, and usually just standing in the locker room because there is little time for eating.  Most of us live on protein shakes.

We service clients that want to train early in the morning as well as late at night, many times on the same day.

We scramble to do things like grocery shopping and laundry in between appointments on our “light” days, which could be any given day of the week, but most definitely not Saturday (which is when all the weekend warriors want to train).

We work hard to maintain a professional tone throughout our sessions, even when clients tell us very personal things like stories about their spouse, kids, work, etc.

We generally work hard to accommodate our clients’ needs.

We drink a lot of coffee and/or tea to remain alert and focused for our clients.

We do get tired at times.  We are human too.  We like to workout also and love our private time to do that, even when you interrupt us on our own time.

We want you to succeed and accomplish your goals.

We often become emotionally invested in your journey.

We appreciate your “thank yous” and loyalty.

Be nice to your trainer.



There is one day left in the year 2014… by the time you read this, there may be even less than 24 hours… I’m not going to go into cliché bits about “looking back” or establishing new goals for 2015… I mean, come on… you’ve heard it all before.  Truth is, if your goals have anything to do with getting in shape for an event such as a mud race or Powerlifting meet or just trying to get lean for yourself… why would you wait until 2015?  Hopefully, you’ve already started!  There are no rules as to when to start a new goal.  There is no right time.  The time is now, no wait… the time might have just passed… but now is the moment you realized it and can get going!

oh… hang on… so, before we go racing off to the sporting goods store to get a pair of weightlifting shoes and chalk for that meet you entered…. or placing the order for that rhinestone-encrusted bikini for next spring’s bodybuilding show….


If you feel brave, leave a  comment below telling me what your goal(s) for 2014 consisted of and how you did.

Ok, I’ll go first… My goals for 2014 were the following:

1. Master Olympic Lifts – Started learning various lifts and by April, I made a hard left and got into Powerlifting.  I entered and won my very first Powerlifting meet in July.  Great experience.  Can’t wait to do another one next year.

2. Improve Cardiovascular Endurance – Made noticeable/measurable improvements so that can be marked off as COMPLETED!

3. Earn Nutrition Certification – Still in the process of studying.  I did not receive my course book and materials until the 2nd Quarter of the year, so I did have a slight disadvantage.  Plan is to complete this certification by the end of January 2015.

So, I was honest…. Are you honest with yourself?  I really would love to hear from you… you can leave comments in the comment section below or find me on Facebook –

And before we say Goodbye to 2014…. I would like to wish you all a very

Happy New Year!



There was a time in my life when I worked 3 jobs… I barely slept… I wasn’t eating much… My bills were piled up… I was struggling to survive… I remember days when I would dig between the cushions of the seats in my car looking for loose change so I could buy a cup of coffee from the deli.  Days when I would go to the ATM and pray there was enough money in my account so I could fill up the gas tank and get some groceries… Sometimes, I was lucky… Other times, I went hungry, literally.

I was fortunate enough to be on a “friends and family” plan at the local gym… so my dues were $50 per month, which is cheap in the area where I live.  The gym was my escape… my refuge… from the nightmare I was struggling to overcome.

It’s funny, I look at people on social media nowadays talking about “Team No Sleep”… or “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”… really? What’s so great about not sleeping?  Do you think it’s cool? I mean, I didn’t sleep because I was bartending at two different bars and working full time during the day, digging myself out of debt that an ex-boyfriend had manipulated me into.  No, I’m not looking for your pity.  I’m explaining that I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t.  I was running from bill collectors and hoping the Repo man never showed up in my driveway to take my truck.  yea, it was rough…. but I survived… I worked my way out of that financial hole and paid all my bills off, month after month until finally, I was able to breathe again.

So, I find it somewhat entertaining when I see people glorifying that they don’t sleep… guess what?… unless you’re working several jobs because you HAVE TO…. You’re a fool.  Lack of sleep makes you crazy.  You start hallucinating, repeating yourself, and can act in a manner that is hostile, volatile, irritable, and inconsistent.  Rest is crucial and if you’re depriving your body of it, it will catch up to you.

Now, on the flip side of this, do I work a lot? yes… I do.  I left a secure 6-figure salary to pursue my passion… and while there is merit in staying to true to myself and living out my dreams…. sometimes, my dreams are not manifesting into checks fast enough and things can get a little tight.  All good, I’m not worried about it… I know I’ll be fine, just might have to put forth more effort, or take on another job to make ends meet.  But you certainly will not see or hear me glorifying putting my body through hell… absolutely not.  I love sleep and it’s most certainly a priority.

Maybe I’m not driving a flashy car or wearing the newest pair of trendy sneakers… but I love my life and I’m a much happier, balanced person because I know when to say “when”.

If your life reflects something similar to what I mentioned earlier about struggling to get out of a hole, I feel your pain and I know how difficult it can be… Keep pushing, keep fighting and never give up.  Things do get better… Have Faith!  When the opportunity comes for you to lay your head down and close your eyes…. take it and breathe…


Rest is Best

Rest is equally as important as Work.  While you sleep, your body is recovering from all of the taxing work and stress of the day.  If you are dieting to lose body fat, look at yourself (particularly your mid section) after a night of good sleep versus a night of restless or very little sleep…

you will SEE a big difference….

If you are having trouble sleeping… here are some things I can suggest, that you may find helpful:

– unwind and move away from anything electrical… get off your phone and/or laptop, turn off the tv… maybe pick up a magazine or book.

– drink herbal tea (non caffeinated)… I have several different teas I drink at night and can recommend.

– turn on a fan or open a window. I have found fresh air and a cool breeze to be conducive to sleeping better.

– in your mind, as you are preparing to lay down, or once you are in bed… replay the days events and recount the things that maybe didn’t go the way you would have liked.  Imagine them playing out in your favor and as you would intend… and then let them go.

– give yourself a bed time and make it a point to wash up, get comfortable pajamas on, and get yourself to bed.

Your rest should be a priority, especially if you are lifting heavy weight, training for an event, and want to maintain your health.

Try these things out and let me know if they help: