Training and Nutrition Services

Deciding that you want to start your fitness & wellness journey is a big step. Once you realize your goals, Tiana can assist you in making them a reality.

Tiana is an in-person & online personal trainer that offers an array of training programs that fit your needs. She adjusts your program just for you. Tiana is also a nutrition coach and the policy is the same – she will adjust your nutrition plan to your individual needs. Every client is unique and no two plans are the same.

If you’re not sure what program would be best, we can set up a brief consultation to learn more about your goals and then recommend what services are most suitable for you. To get started on your journey, we welcome you to contact us today!

Fit By Tiana is proud to service nutrition and fitness clients online after building a foundation in the suburbs of New York City, including White Plains, Armonk, Rye, and surrounding towns.

Online Personal Trainer

With online personal training, you can workout anywhere in the world all from the palm of your hand. The mobile platform will provide you with an all-encompassing program that includes daily workouts composed of a suitable warm-up, mobility routine, workout, cool down, and cardio. Keep track of your weights used in your workouts as well as your body stats. Get in touch with our online personal trainer today to learn more!

Virtual Training

With the help of video calls, we can do virtual sessions, just as if we were meeting in person. Turn on your camera on your mobile device or tablet and let’s get to work. Our online personal training sessions are aimed to make your workouts effective and easy!

woman in black and white tank top and black shorts lying on brown wooden floor

In Person Training

If you are looking for In-Person Training, we can train together in person right in the heart of downtown White Plains, New York! There is no substitute for having dedicated in-person sessions to dial in to your specific goals/needs. There is limited availability for this option, but one we can discuss to determine if our schedules align.

Nutrition Coach Support

Whether you are preparing for an athletic event, want to lose weight, or get stronger, having someone oversee your nutrition program is critical. As Tiana as your nutrition coach, you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition while upgrading your daily habits to improve your overall health. Having a nutrition coach to hold you accountable is a great approach to sticking to a process to reach a goal.

Skin & Supplementation

Having a good skin care routine, using high quality products, will compliment your physique and help you keep a more youthful appearance. Let’s discover what you need to upgrade your routine.

Coming Soon… Metabolic Testing!

Fit by Tiana has partnered with an incredible company to offer additional services to all clientele. Please stay tuned for more information as we make the announcement!

Let’s build something together.

Regardless of your needs or goal, rely on Fit By Tiana! We are proud to service fitness and nutrition clients online after building a foundation in New York City, including Armonk, Rye, White Plains, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to helping you reach your goals and boost your confidence!