Coaches Need Coaching

Over the past 6 months, I have retained the services of 3 like-minded individuals to help me LEVEL UP! I invested not only in my personal fitness goals, but also in my brand.

I have a fantastic Weightlifting Coach who meets with me in person periodically and also writes my program for the days we are not working out together. I have progressed exponentially since we started our specific program and I am creating wins weekly.

In addition, I enrolled in a group coaching program with a Fitness Business Coach who is teaching us the important details and all of the facets involved in marketing my brand. She is brilliant and has walked the walk in taking the business to either a completely online format or a hybrid format where I mix some in person coaching with online coaching.

And lastly, I hired a powerhouse Business Coach to dial in not only on my mindset and sales (something I have very little experience in), but also marketing and content creation. Our one-on-one sessions are absolutely incredible and his mentorship is unparalleled.

What Saturday nights look like these past 6 months.

Yes…. I’m investing…

Sure, I probably could have figured some of these things out on my own, but guess what…? I already tried that. In fact, I tried that for the last 8 years and yet I’m still not where I want to be.

There comes a point in everyone’s journey where you have to say, “Maybe if I hired someone to help me, I could accomplish a lot more” or “I could get there faster!”

This parallels having a fitness goal and you finding your way. You could look up information online. You could follow your favorite Instagram model/trainer/guru. You could jump on the latest trending diet…which one are we on now? is it keto or south beach? it’s so hard to keep track of for me because it’s all so convoluted.

If you want to get somewhere, you want to take the most direct route to get there…

and that’s what 2020 really taught me.

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