Just Another Day

I was in the middle of teaching a small group fitness class at the gym when the song changed and I was suddenly hit with a wave of emotions.  

“Just Another Day” by Jon Secada took me right back to being 12 or 13 years old and missing my dad terribly.

I went through a life changing experience when my father was sent to jail in 1990.  It completely flipped my world on its head.  

I still grieve for that 12 year old girl that had to suddenly change everything she did and let go of everything she once knew. It’s not something you hear about often… but I’m sure there are other women out there that dealt with a similar scenario.

I fought, I prayed, I cried… I wanted to so desperately believe that my father was innocent. That’s what I was told at first… but as I got older, and learned more, I questioned everything I was told.  

To this day and until the day I die, I will never know the truth.  

Extremely sad when I look back and think of all of the hours I spent traveling to prisons, sitting in waiting rooms, eating pop tarts and crunchy cheeze doodles in skin crawling, filthy visiting rooms, writing letters, and taking collect calls… all built on a foundation of uncertainties…

But I love hard… I always have and I always will. These experiences created a level of grit and an unbreakable spirit I am incredibly proud of. 

Nothing can break me because I have already had my heart shattered into millions of pieces… and I built myself back up all by my self! 💪🏼

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