Top 3 Client Struggles

I want to share the 3 most common things I’m hearing from my clients during this unusual time in history. Here we go:

Number 3: I’m eating everything in the house.

I understand being stuck in the house every day, all day has it’s downsides… one of them being you can have your hand in the honey wheat braided pretzel jar in less than 4 seconds from any corner of the place. Yes, you know the one… on top of your refrigerator.

I give you exhibit A… from the top of my refrigerator!

So what do you do? Eat at least 3 meals a day. Plan them out so you are not grazing while trying to decide what to eat. If you have gotten that far into your hunger, you are doing damage! Also, drink more water. After you have a tall glass of water, ask yourself, “do I want that snack? yes or no?” and if yes, have at it, leave the kitchen and don’t beat yourself up for it.

Number 2: I don’t have time to exercise.

We are all juggling many things, simultaneously, with moving targets. I get that it’s challenging, but you CAN move your body a few times a day. Get your kids involved. Play a game. Throw on music and have a dance party while cooking dinner. Just move!

Number 1: I need motivation.

Motivation is garbage. What you “need” is discipline. Once you see results, which are an after effect of the discipline you instilled, then you will be motivated to continue. Make sense? So do whatever you need to do, use whatever you have at your disposal, even if it’s your two feet, a pair of sneakers and the road outside your home, and get moving!

I believe in you!

Let’s make the best of this!

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