New York

The City… Yes, that’s what anyone in the Tri-State Area calls Manhattan… as if there is one and only city in the world… well, rightfully so there really is only one New York… and nothing like it.  I’ve been a New York girl my whole life.  Born in Long Island, moved to The Bronx, then Westchester, then the Bronx again, and ultimately back in Northern Westchester, where I have lived for the last 20 years.  At various points in my life, I contemplated moving.  I love warm weather and I feel I would thrive in it… but something over all these years has kept me where I am.  Yes, most of my family is in New York, or surrounding areas… but my online training as well as one-on-one training in a gym can be done from anywhere in the world…  and yet still, I’m here.  From where I live, which happens to be quiet suburbs, I can be hiking on a mountain in 30 minutes, walking through crowded Times Square in 35 minutes or swimming in the ocean in 45 minutes…. Pretty amazing isn’t it?  Yea… It really is. <3

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