Cardio… What’s Your Flavor?

What type of cardiovascular exercise do you enjoy doing?

Living in the Northeast, we have a short season of a few months where we can perform exercise outside (without having to bundle up and face harsh elements)…

I love hitting up trails, hiking some nearby mountains, rollerblading, etc… but when it comes to indoor cardio… I have a two staples in my routine.

1. The Stepmill… yes, that dreaded gauntlet of revolving stairs that causes my heart to thump fast and hard and creates a pool of sweat around me.  This is my favorite piece of equipment to use and lucky for me, the gym where I work (and also do my own training at) has several  of these torture devices.  There is almost always 2 or 3 available at any point in the day to hop on and commence the abuse.

2. Jumping Rope… I aim for 1 or 2 minutes of jumping at a steady pace, followed by 1 minute rest… repeat that several times.  This can be brutal if I have taken a hiatus from jumping rope for a while… it takes me a bit to get back into my groove… I need to consider what I’m wearing from head to do in order for this to be successful.  From the type of sports bra, to the tights to the sneakers.  one wrong choice and the whole jumping episode will be halted quick.  We have to hold everything down and make sure the footwear is light….

Now, I’m not saying other forms of cardio are not effective, these are just my two top choices.  I had a treadmill in my apartment for about 3 years, which was very beneficial when I was in prep for competitions and had to do two-a-days…. I recently gave my treadmill to a friend that was preparing for some races and had a hard time getting her training in at the gym due to her work schedule….

If you would like more details about what type of cardio training and my thoughts on fasted vs. non-fasted… please email me:

Thank You… and Happy Sweating!

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