Open Letter to My Competitors

To my girls Krista and Winnie,

I have to say that the past 6 months have been an incredible journey for me.  Over the years, I have given so much of myself to so many people, with little given in return.   The fitness industry is a unique place full of characters from all walks of life, with all sorts of intentions.  I am ever so grateful you both chose me to lay out your plans and help guide you along your path.

Working with the two of you has been such a rewarding experience for me.  You both have taught me so much about myself.  There were times when I worried about you, I suppose like a parent would worry about a child or a teacher would worry about a student.  Never once did I think for a minute that either of you would not make it to the finish line, but there were times when I had concerns that you may question if you are ready or if you are good enough.  Self doubt can kill a dream so fast.  I’m glad you both saw things through.

Helping the two of you helped me get through some dark personal times, and some emotional hardships.  There were days when I was down and out, and I would get a message from one of you showing me your progress, or shouting me out on social media through a joyous message.  Your happiness pushed me and helped me to keep going.  While I never got too deep or personal about my stuff with either of you, I know that you both picked up on what was going on with me and when I got a nice “cheerleader” message or words of encouragement regarding my own training, it helped boost me just as much as my messages helped to boost you.

I must thank Winnie for calling us a “Team”, because I had not looked at it that way until recently.  I love that and I appreciate you both supporting each other the way you do.  I’ve been involved in this industry for 14 years and  there are several people that I met over a decade ago that I still consider my friends and see at shows on a regular basis.  Cherish these relationships and push each other to RISE UP.  Competing is a serious game, and while it is a “one-woman-show” while you are on that stage, remember it is the endless days, months and years of putting in work and helping each other to succeed that brought you to that moment under the bright stage lights.  Many men and women will come and go.  Many will not be able to cut it.  Many will choose other priorities over competing, like a new job or starting a family.  Whatever the future holds for either one of you, 2014 is the year that some things changed for all of us.

I am so proud of you both and I cannot wait to see how great you both look in your shows.  Krista, you have a few more days, and then it’s show time.  Winnie, a few more weeks and you’ll be rocking out.  This letter is to say Thank You to you both for choosing me to bring you to the stage and I hope we have many more seasons and great experiences together.


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