Top 5 Posing Mistakes

5. Not flexing – All too often I see people on stage that are not tight.  The minute you can see the audience, the audience and judges can see you, and therefore you need to make sure you keep everything tight in the right places.

4. Appearing stiff – The other end of the spectrum of keeping things tight is appearing too stiff.  I have seen people with mannequin arms or walking stiff like a robot.  Please try not to be so robotic.

3. Taking too long to hit your pose – When the judges tell the line up to hit a certain pose, you don’t want to hit the pose too fast, but you also do not want to be the last person in the line to hit the pose either.  The judges can and will overlook you if you are taking too long, and believe me, you don’t want this.

2. Breathing heavy through your stomach – Many people breathe deep and pull air into their stomachs.  When this occurs onstage, you can see a competitor’s waist fluctuate in size.  In snapshots, he or she can look bloated and out of shape, simply because air was being pulled into the abdomen, which forced it to expand.  Practice holding your poses for several minutes and breathing short, shallow breathes through your chest.

1. No smile – The most common queue I give athletes is to remember to smile.  When a competitor smiles, it brightens up the stage and it brings an air of confidence to the posing.  Remember to smile and feel confident about all of your hard work.  The show is the fun part of the experience.  All of the work has been done and show day is a time to strut your stuff.

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In the video below, the first 42 seconds, I am the competitor on the left #57…  My posing was good here, but I see areas where I could have improved.


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