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It is so refreshing to speak with someone that listens… someone whose eyes are focused intently on yours when you speak and he or she is listening.  You know this person is giving you undivided attention… and of course, you do the same in return.

When you allow a person to finish his or her statement, before you start speaking, even if you disagree 100%, you are showing that person respect and allowing him or her the courtesy of finishing the statement.

Such a basic concept.  So simple.  Something we all learn at an early age… and yet so many people speak over others, call a person and are multi-tasking or you’re having a conversation in person and he or she keeps looking at the cell phone…. how rude!

If we all took the time to LISTEN MORE, we would be much happier… our lives would be richer… and maybe we would actually learn something new!

Teach yourself how to be a better listener… like your life depends on it, because one day, it might.

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