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Your Goals are YOURS

What do you want the most for yourself?  Do people tell you that you are crazy or discourage you?  Maybe you need to surround yourself with people that are equally, if not more, ambitious than you.  Many people on social media these days talk about changing your mind to change your life and while it may sound cliche or confusing, it really is the first step necessary to improving your current reality and your present situation(s).

Ever notice the people who claim to “hate drama” and say they are “drama free” are the ones that seem to bring drama with them to every situation?  That’s not a coincidence.  These people are so focused on drama and avoiding it, that they simply attract it.

Same holds true for you… if you want something, get clear in your mind.  Write your goals down.  Look them over.  Make them concrete…

and then go for it.  Your goals are YOURS and no one has the right to tell you whether you are right or wrong, whether you can or cannot.  It’s up to you to decide what you want for yourself and then make it happen.

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