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The past few months, I have not been feeling like myself and have not been going as hard as I would like in the gym.  There are many variables at play, some of which I would prefer to keep private at this point, but some of these factors include changing jobs from one gym to another, coming off of a contest prep diet/workout program, and working hard at building my personal training clientele.  It has been a bumpy few months to say the least.  Many days I just do not even want to look at a dumbbell… but, I still make myself train.

Today was no exception… I changed my clothes after training my last client of the day… poured some of my favorite grape-flavored BCAAs into my water bottle and stepped out onto the floor with every intention of destroying my back.  Keep in mind when I say “destroy”, I mean it in a good way… that I planned on completing a very productive and challenging workout session focusing primarily on my back.  I pushed my ear buds comfortably into my ears, located a new dj set that was recorded at a festival in Mexico this past January, and I strutted over to the first piece of equipment that I used today.  I started with lat pulldown and went super heavy, giving myself between 90 seconds to 2 minutes of rest between each set.  I kept looking at the clock, thinking “ugh, I can’t wait to go eat after this,” but I didn’t leave the gym early.

After that exercise, I made my way over to the Hammer Strength plate loaded row machine, which can be done either one arm at a time or both at the same time (but each arm is independent of the other).   Of course, I loaded that machine up with heavy weight and went crazy.  2 of my coworkers came over and noted that they have never seen a tiny little girl like me throw around such heavy weight like it was nothing.  Um…. yea, that gave me a nice boost, I will admit!  So I pushed through two more exercises, all the while thinking about my next meal and how excited I was to eat (ha ha ha)

So, I killed it today… and all day long I was silently dreading working out because my energy levels have not been the same… and look what happened? ¬†GREAT WORKOUT!

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