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Most Important Body Part

I want to accomplish a handful of things with the “Work It Out Wednesday” series of this blog.  First and foremost, it’s a play on words… “work it out” in the sense of… “hey, get your booty in that gym and train hard!” and second, “work it out” mentally so that you can overcome the mental hurdles that may exist in your mind.

This post will be focusing on the latter and I think most will agree that you have to get clear in your mind about a few things… your goals, your current situation, the tools you have available to you, the time you either have available or can make available to get the workouts in, but there is one major thing that many trainers may or may not tell you.  I must keep it real, because that is my style… there is one body part that is the Most Important Body part to train.  Yes, above everything, there is one area that is critical to get in shape and to get it there quickly.  Can you guess what I’m talking about?

Your Mind…


Sometimes we will have mental walls that we need to learn to overcome.  There will be days when you doubt yourself, days when you feel tired, days when you may beat yourself up, and days when you may just want to quit.

What you need to do on these days is stop and think about why you started in the first place.  We are all so much stronger than we believe ourselves to be.  Do yourself a favor…. write down your goal(s) on a piece of paper, look at it, think it over, for a few minutes each morning before starting your day and maybe a few minutes before going to sleep at night… this is your dream, your goal… and no one can hand it to you all wrapped up in a box with a bow… you have to earn this… and YOU CAN! You just have to work it out!

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