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It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really started to appreciate language, communication, literary composition, poetry and writing.  Although I excelled as a student, I didn’t really enjoy school or learning.  I worked hard, sought out tutors or extra help when I needed it, and would even pull all-nighters in high school.  I was not gifted or scholarly, I just had an open mind to learning and knew what my weaknesses were early on, so I put in the work.  I was so frustrated with my English teachers and wanted to burn my Social Studies textbooks at the end of each year… Oh, we all knew I had a hot temper and how much I hated those subjects.

Interestingly enough, now that I am an adult, I absolutely love to write (ok, so I’m no Ernest Hemingway or Shakespeare), and when I can keep my focus and not fall asleep while doing it, I do like to read.  I love to interpret things, find meaning behind art, share classic stories and tales, and I love talking to people about their ideas.  I have a zest for life and how we speak, or sometimes don’t speak but feel, with each other.

A question I often pose to people that I am trying to get to know is this…

“If you had to use one word (does not have to be an adjective) to describe yourself, what word would you choose?”

I have found it to be a very interesting conversation starter and can lead people into a very amusing, loving, scary, or intense area of their respective lives.  So, I’m going to ask my readers to follow along… I would love it if you would leave your word in the comments below…. and I will start….

The word that best describes me… in a nutshell… is…


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