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Healthy Eats Can Travel

So that big vacation is coming up soon and while most people would be excited to get out-of-town for a few days or a week, you are having a mini panic attack because you’re not sure how you’re going to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle while you are away.  Speaking from experience, both good and horrible, I can share some helpful tips to help you prepare for travel and not fall off the deep end.  Whether you are weighing out all your food portions with a scale and counting calories, or you perhaps eat a specific way like Gluten-Free, for example, here are some helpful tips that will assist and allow you to enjoy your vacation/travels.

Research grocery stores and restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the place you’re staying.  I typically will jot down the names of places along with all the info I can find like store hours, address, etc.  Sometimes, I will call restaurants after looking up the menus online to confirm the food choices.  Usually, once I check in to the hotel, I run to the grocery store right away and stock up on things like fruit, water, and yogurt (if I have a refrigerator available for use).

Bring some things with you.  You can always bring protein powder, nuts, dried cereal like oatmeal, canned salmon or tuna (or in the tear-off top pouch), beef jerky, canned beans, rice cakes, and nut butters, just for starters.

If you have a mini-refrigerator, you can even cook food and bring it with you.  I have traveled during a Contest Prep, which is not easy, but can be done.  I cooked all of the chicken, fish and beef portions ahead of time, weighed everything out to the correct portion sizes, then used small Ziploc baggies and brought it with me.  Once the food cooled, I froze it and then carried it onto the plane in my cooler.  It was still frozen when I checked in to the hotel and remained fresh throughout my trip.  I made sure to have extra portions of everything I needed and labeled all of the baggies.

Below is a photo of my protein portions, which I cooked, portioned in baggies, labelled, froze, and brought with me to Las Vegas back in September for Olympia Weekend.

Protein Baggies

There have even been a few times that I had to use the bathroom sink and fill it with ice (putting the baggies of food in the ice and continuously adding more ice around the clock).   This definitely was a lot more involved, but the hotel was out of mini-refrigerators and I needed to stay on track.

Does this sound like a lot of work?  Well, maybe it is the first couple of times you do it… but once you fully embrace a certain lifestyle, this will become second nature to you and you won’t ever travel having food/diet anxiety again.  So what if you have to do a little bit more work up front?  At least you will have peace of mind that the restaurant across the street offers food choices that suit your palate.

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