Kindness Counts

Being kind and polite costs nothing… and it could make a difference in someone’s day.  When you choose to be nice and treat people with courtesy, even when you’re having a bad day or want to rip someone’s head off, you are taking the high road, demonstrating control and patience, and in the end… usually, the day will turn out much better because of your simple choice to smile, bite your tongue or hold the door open for a stranger.  Now, being a native New Yorker, I have come across plenty of people who are rude, selfish, oblivious, or some combination of all three, but I can’t count how many times I did something nice, and received a genuine smile or a “thank you”.  Those moments really make my day.

I’ve heard people refer to this as “Pay it Forward”… I call it just being myself.  So try it.  This is not an exercise to be done in the hopes of someone doing something nice for you in return.  Or for you to post a status on Facebook about how great you are because you performed a random act of kindness and want a pat on the back from your 5000 internet friends (insert sarcasm here).  This is done to exhibit self-control, always taking the high road, showing respect for yourself and to others, and being kind IN GENERAL towards everyone.

The next time you are walking into a restaurant or store, hold the door open for the person behind you, look them in the eye, and smile… it will make you feel good, I guarantee it…  try it.

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