Rest is Best

Rest is equally as important as Work.  While you sleep, your body is recovering from all of the taxing work and stress of the day.  If you are dieting to lose body fat, look at yourself (particularly your mid section) after a night of good sleep versus a night of restless or very little sleep…

you will SEE a big difference….

If you are having trouble sleeping… here are some things I can suggest, that you may find helpful:

– unwind and move away from anything electrical… get off your phone and/or laptop, turn off the tv… maybe pick up a magazine or book.

– drink herbal tea (non caffeinated)… I have several different teas I drink at night and can recommend.

– turn on a fan or open a window. I have found fresh air and a cool breeze to be conducive to sleeping better.

– in your mind, as you are preparing to lay down, or once you are in bed… replay the days events and recount the things that maybe didn’t go the way you would have liked.  Imagine them playing out in your favor and as you would intend… and then let them go.

– give yourself a bed time and make it a point to wash up, get comfortable pajamas on, and get yourself to bed.

Your rest should be a priority, especially if you are lifting heavy weight, training for an event, and want to maintain your health.

Try these things out and let me know if they help:


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