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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome!  Thank you for joining me… You’ve stumbled upon my new blog and I am so grateful you have taken the time to allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Tiana Lee Gonzalez.  I am a native New Yorker, embarking on a new chapter of my life and looking to share my fitness experiences with all of you.

I’m relatively new to blogging and I hope that you can be patient while I teach myself how to create a blog that will be inviting, entertaining, engaging, informative, helpful, and pleasurable for you, my readers.  The quote I’ve started us off with is so powerful and one that I think truly embodies what I have grown into as a woman.  I am going through some changes now, as I am embarking on new things.  For example, studying for my Personal Training certification and helping others reach their fitness goals.  The concept is simple, no really.  It is.  If you want something to be different, don’t just sit there and cry about it… do something about it.  If you want more peace in your life, be peaceful.  If you want love in your life, be lovable.  Life does not have to be complex.  Drill things down as simple as you possibly can, and find a way to make what you want come to fruition.

We’ll touch on this a lot more in time.  But I would like for you to mull this one over for a bit.  Again, thank you for joining… until next time!

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Thank you for starting your blog. I look forward to hearing more. I follow you on Facebook and Instagram. Even though I don’t know you personally, thru your posts I feel that I can relate with your posts. Best of luck to you! You are a beautiful person and have a passion…YOU WILL succeed 🙂

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