Fit by Tiana | Fitness professinal and nutrition coach in Armonk, NY

Tiana Gonzalez: Fitness Professional based in New York

Hi! I’m Tiana Gonzalez, certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Working with me is a partnership as I take a vested interest in each client’s needs, circumstances, goals, and aspirations. 

Together, we are always thinking long-term, sustainable, and reasonable results while I encourage each client to strive for more and to continue working to reveal the masterpiece within.

What services do I provide?

When it comes creating a solution that will best fit their needs, I help my clients establish goals, determine where they are currently, and create a plan for success to move them towards their respective goals.

Education, support, guidance, accountability and a sense of community is what working with me will bring. It’s more than just exercise and how you eat, it’s how you choose to show up for yourself and how you live your life.

After establishing a network of clients in Westchester County, I have moved my business online to allow for a broader reach and for clients to have more access to me.

Fit by Tiana | Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach | Armonk and White Plains, NY


Founded in 2012 by Tiana Gonzalez, FitByTiana is a website and blog run by Tiana herself.